Highland Park Village: Original Renderings and Models — 1930

by Paula Bosse

hp_village_park-cities-bank-postcardsHP Village, under construction (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

This above photo, showing Highland Park Shopping Village in its very, VERY early stages, is just so wonderful. And disorienting. Where IS everything?! I’ve never seen the HP Village this early in its construction. Preston Road is in the foreground, running horizontally, and Mockingbird runs vertically at the right. In the actual shopping center, there is only one completed portion, one of the two gas stations that faced Preston, and that little building in the center. And that’s IT! (See a GIGANTIC image of the photo here.)

Construction was underway by April of 1930, having been originally conceived back in the ‘teens by developer Hugh Prather. It was a new concept in retail shopping which was designed specifically for the new exclusive community of Highland Park (or, more specifically, Highland Park West). The complex of Spanish- and California-influenced buildings was designed by architects Marion Fresenius Fooshee and James B. Cheek. Below are the firm’s renderings of the project. The palm trees are a nice touch. (Click pictures for larger images.)




The shopping village — the first self-contained shopping center in the United States — was an exciting project for Dallas, as well as Highland Park, because the new shopping area would be a “suburban” outpost for many downtown businesses.


hp-village_dmn_040630b(Renderings and article from the DMN, April, 6, 1930)

BUT … below are the architect’s models, which appeared in The Dallas Morning News on October 12, 1930 . Whoa. It’s pretty weird seeing these. It’s awfully … busy. (See a more recognizable view of the original model here.)



And the accompanying article:


hp-village_dmn_101230b(DMN, Oct. 12, 1930)

Below, progress as of June 1932.

hp-village_dmn_061832(DMN, June 18, 1932)

Highland Park Shopping Village took several years to complete, and it opened in stages, with the first section of shops opening in 1931. The shopping center — still one of the most beautiful in the country — is a National Historic Landmark. And Highland Park shoppers have never looked back.



Top photo issued as a postcard as part of the Park Cities Bank “Heritage Series” in the 1970s; the credit line on the postcard reads “Donated by Mr. Hugh Prather, Jr.” Thanks to the Lone Star Library Annex Facebook group for use of the image. The Dallas Country Club is at the bottom of the photo, and Mockingbird Lane is running west toward the top right corner.

Bottom photo from the Highland Park Village website, here.

All other images and articles from The Dallas Morning News. (Apologies for graininess, but what can you do?)

Highland Park Village on Wikipedia, here.

Bio of architect Marion Fooshee, here.

My previous entry on the HP Shopping Village as it looked on completion, here.

Click pictures and text for larger images.


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