Junius Heights … Adjacent!

by Paula Bosse

junius-stNot actually Junius Heights, but nearby! (see explanation below)

by Paula Bosse

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Old East Dallas is Junius Heights, which I’m a little surprised to learn is the largest historic district in Dallas. It came into being when streetcar service was extended into the eastern boondocks of the city, opening up tantalizing possibilities of new development. According to Preservation Dallas, when lots went on sale in the neighborhood-to-be in September of 1906, there was a buying frenzy:

“Prospective buyers were encouraged to take the streetcar to a newly platted neighborhood of the same name that afternoon to view the lots. Because it was Sunday, no lots were sold that day. But interested buyers remained in the neighborhood until midnight, when a pistol was fired to indicate the start of the sale. Within an hour, two hundred lots in Junius Heights had been sold and by Wednesday, every lot in the neighborhood had been sold.”

junius-housesUm, apparently not Junius Heights either….

And East Dallas has never looked back.


UPDATE: Having determined where the houses in these postcards were actually located — on Junius between Peak & Carroll — I now see this ISN’T Junius Heights! It’s a few blocks west of the Henderson Avenue boundary. So, not Junius Heights, but Junius Heights-adjacent!

The postcard at top shows the Thomas Field house (built in 1884 and sold to John B. Wilson — of Wilson Building fame — in 1894); it was situated in a full city block bounded by Junius, Carroll, Gaston, and Peak. Before addresses changed throughout the city in 1911, the residence seems to have had no official address; in 1911 it was assigned the address of 4305 Junius. According to William L. McDonald’s book Dallas Rediscovered, the house was demolished in 1922 in order to subdivide and redevelop the property, Below is a map of the area from about 1898, showing the general location of the property.


The second postcard reproduces a photo seen in a real estate ad from 1906 which shows “portions of Junius Street between Peak and Carroll” — so, in the same block as the Field/Wilson house. Just not actually in Junius Heights!

junius-st_betw-peak-carroll_dmn_090206Dallas Morning News, Sept. 2, 1906 (click for larger image)


Quote is from a history of the Junius Heights neighborhood on the Preservation Dallas site, here.

Wikipedia entry is here.

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