Meet Me In Front of The Rialto — 1945

by Paula Bosse

rialto_MPH_072845“A great big howl of a hit!” (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

This photo shows the front of the Rialto theater, once located at Elm and Stone. I love the unavoidable promotion for the Jack Benny movie “The Horn Blows at Midnight,” but I love all that street life even more. And by the way, “Help Keep Dallas Clean”!


Photo from the July 28, 1945 issue of Motion Picture Herald.

My favorite young movie-crazy Dallas diarist, Muriel Windham, would absolutely have walked past this (she probably didn’t see it, though, because she wasn’t a big fan of Jack Benny). (For the record, I LOVE Jack Benny!)

Click photo for gigantic image.


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