Traffic Woes: The Pacific-St. Paul-Live Oak Intersection — 1953

by Paula Bosse

pacific-st-paul-live-oak_1953_dmn-photoLooking east on Pacific (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

The six-point intersection from hell. The caption of this Dallas Morning News photo reads:

It is going to take a lot of construction changes at the St. Paul-Pacific-Live Oak intersection to make the signals work right. The intersection is too wide to let enough cars get through on signal time intervals. Plans have been drawn, but no money set up. (DMN, July 26, 1953)

Pedestrians with racing pulses: cross at your own peril!

pacific-st-paul-love-oak_1952-mapsco1952 Mapsco


Photo by John Mazziotta; it appeared in the Dallas Morning News article “At Crossings, Cities Find Signal Use Ineffective” by Allen Quinn (July 26, 1953). Photo from the Dallas Public Library, Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division, The Dallas Morning News Collection.

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