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The Aldredge Book Store — 2909 Maple Avenue

The last location of the notable Dallas bookstore, established in 1947.

The Aldredge Book Store — 1968

A photo of my father, on his birthday.

Cowboys Love Cokesbury’s — 1947

Books and cowboys….

Eula Wolcott’s Baker Hotel Book Shop & Rental Library, 1926-1942

Miss Eula Wolcott, proprietress.

Dallas Book Scene — 1940s

Bennett Cerf wrote about Dallas’ book culture for a national audience.

Smith College Book Sale — 1962

The Smith College book sale was a much-anticipated event for Dallas book lovers every year.

Dallas Bookstores — 1974

The Aldredge Books Store, Cokesbury, Doubleday, Half Price, Taylor’s….

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Mimi Payne Aldredge McKnight

Goodbye, Mimi.