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‘Tis the Season For a Hot Dr Pepper

You might be familiar with hot Dr Pepper, but do you know what a “Boomer” is?

From the Vault: Downtown’s Giant Neon Dr Pepper Sign

A refreshing neon beacon atop the Jefferson Hotel.

Halloween Party? Don’t Forget the Dr Pepper! — 1947

The “Frosty-Pepper Pumpkin” is ESSENTIAL to any fall party.

Neon Refreshment: The Giant Dr Pepper Sign

“The South’s Largest Neon Sign.”

Dr Pepper Ad: “I’ll Have Another Myself” — 1929

“Yes! Another Round!”

Dr Pepper: “Sparkly, Playful” — 1959

An early national advertisement for a product on its way to becoming more than just a regional soft drink.

“No Mice, No Flies, No Caffeine, No Cocaine” — 1911


Highland Park High School: Ads from the 1964 Yearbook

Ads from the 1964 HPHS Highlander.

Highland Park High School: Ads from the 1959 Yearbook

A sampling of ads from the 1959 Highlander.

Texlite, Borich, Pegasus

Texlite (which made the Pegasus sign) began as Borich Sign Co. in 1879.