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‘Tis the Season For a Hot Dr Pepper

You might be familiar with hot Dr Pepper, but do you know what a “Boomer” is?

From the Vault: Downtown’s Giant Neon Dr Pepper Sign

A refreshing neon beacon atop the Jefferson Hotel.

Halloween Party? Don’t Forget the Dr Pepper! — 1947

The “Frosty-Pepper Pumpkin” is ESSENTIAL to any fall party.

Neon Refreshment: The Giant Dr Pepper Sign

“The South’s Largest Neon Sign.”

Dr Pepper Ad: “I’ll Have Another Myself” — 1929

“Yes! Another Round!”

Dr Pepper: “Sparkly, Playful” — 1959

An early national advertisement for a product on its way to becoming more than just a regional soft drink.

Highland Park High School: Ads from the 1964 Yearbook

Ads from the 1964 HPHS Highlander.

Highland Park High School: Ads from the 1959 Yearbook

A sampling of ads from the 1959 Highlander.

Texlite, Borich, Pegasus

Texlite (which made the Pegasus sign) began as Borich Sign Co. in 1879.

My Dream House at the Greenville Avenue Reservoir

Who else has been charmed by this cute little “house” on Greenville Avenue?