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Dallas: “Outstanding Educational Center” — ca. 1943

Move to Dallas, we have schools!

“There’s No Place Like Home … In Dallas” — 1940s

Residential construction was booming in 1940s Dallas.

A Century of Growth: From Log Cabin to Skyscrapers

From frontier outpost to major American city.

So You’re Considering a Move To Dallas … What’s That Tax Situation Like? — 1943

Dear potential mansion owner….

Dallas: “Amusement Capital of the Southwest” — 1946

Dining, dancing, theaters, football — Dallas had it all!

“Dallas … Undisputed Medical Center” — 1946

A look at a few of the city’s top medical facilities.

The Dallas Athletic Club Building, 1925-1981

The tony downtown club, gym, social hang-out, and “rooms” — by invitation only.

Brook Hollow Country Club — 1940s

Yes, the Brook Hollow Country Club.

Back When Bookstore Fixtures Were a Thing of Beauty! — 1940s

The surprisingly sophisticated bookstore interior of the Baptist Book Store.