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St. Mark’s Campus — 1960s

Buildings from the campus of St. Mark’s School of Texas.

St. Mark’s, Aerial Views — 1960s

Aerial photos of the expanding St. Mark’s campus.

Ads from St. Mark’s Yearbooks — 1960s

Ads, ads, ads.

Nighttime Skyline — 1965

A spectacular skyline.

Year-End List: Most Popular Posts of 2020

The most-read Flashback Dallas posts of 2020.

Private Education in Dallas — 1916

Schools for young ladies and gentlemen, medical schools, art schools, and more.

The Terrill School — 1914

An ad for one of Dallas’ most prestigious boys’ prep schools.

George Cacas, The Terrill School’s Greek Ice Cream Man — 1916

Great photo of prep school boys buying ice cream from a street vendor in Old East Dallas.