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Preston Sturges: Camp Dick’s Most Famous Former Cadet? — 1918

The legendary Hollywood director & writer began his brief military career in Dallas.

Year-End List: My Favorite Images Posted in 2020

My personal favorite photos, postcards, ads, etc., posted here in 2020.

Influenza Pandemic Arrives in Dallas — 1918

Preventative measures for the Spanish Flu.

Marching to Mess — 1918

Marching in formation in the shadow of a large roller coaster.

Orphaned Factoids: Year-End Grab Bag, 2019

Bits and pieces of things in varying degrees of interestingness.

Year-End List! My Favorite Posts of 2016

The posts from the past year I most enjoyed researching and writing.

Children and Cadets: Junior Red Cross Parade — 1918

Camp Dick cadets join children in a parade through downtown.