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Stereoview Souvenirs of the Texas Centennial — 1936

Fair Park in 1936, when the Art Deco buildings were brand new.

Take a Greyhound to the Texas Centennial — 1936

1936 ad for Greyhound Lines.

A Texas Centennial Scrapbook — 1936

See an aerial view of Fair Park showing Centennial buildings under construction.

Lady Godiva and the “Flesh Shows” of the Texas Centennial — 1936

Today’s State Fair seems positively PRUDISH compared to what was going on in 1936!

Dallas’ Texas Centennial Exposition vs. Fort Worth’s Frontier Exposition — 1936

Amon Carter and Billy Rose take on Dallas.

“The Pause That Refreshes at the Texas Centennial” — 1936

Did you know that Coke was bottled at Fair Park in 1936?

The Giant Cash Register at the Texas Centennial — 1936

A 65-ft-tall cash register kept an hourly tally of visitors.

Texas Centennial Promotion on Hyper-Drive! — 1936

Colorful promotional materials for the Texas Centennial held in Dallas in 1936.

Juneteenth at the Texas Centennial — 1936

The federally-funded Hall of Negro Life was dedicated Juneteenth, 1944 at Fair Park.

Neiman-Marcus Celebrates the Texas Centennial with “Cactus Colors” and Cattlebrands Burned Into Rawhide Belts — 1936

Neiman’s celebrates the Centennial with FABULOUS ads!