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A Lost Photo of Director Larry Buchanan, Celebrated “Schlockmeister” — 1955

Did I stumble across a “lost” photo of cult movie director Larry Buchanan? This will be an exciting discovery to a tiny, TINY segment of the population.

Sam Ventura’s Italian Village, Oak Lawn

Swanky doings in Oak Lawn.

Mouse and the Traps: ’60s Garage Rock, Texas-Style

The popular regional band is now an international cult fave.

Year-End List! My Favorite Photos Posted in 2014

My 15 favorite historic photos of Dallas that I posted in 2014.

Old Red Goes Hollywood (sort of…) — 1964

Old Red’s cameo in the opening moments of “The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald.”

“Mars Needs Women” — The Dallas Locations

20+ screenshots of Dallas locations from the cult sci-fi schlock classic shot in Dallas in 1966.