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Orphaned Factoids: Year-End Grab Bag, 2019

Bits and pieces of things in varying degrees of interestingness.

Orphaned Factoids: Year-End Grab Bag, 2018

Croquet on the frontier, cycling to Fort Worth, “carrettes,” etc.

Orphaned Factoids: Year-End Grab Bag, 2017

Lots of random Dallas-related tidbits collected together.

Orphaned Factoids: Year-End Grab Bag

This and that — little bits that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Orphaned Ads and Factoids: End-of-Year Grab Bag

A bunch of random, Dallas-related tidbits I’ve collected over the year but have been unable to find a home for.

A Few Photo Additions to Past Posts — #15

New stuff, old posts.

A Few Photo Additions to Past Posts — #14

New stuff to add to posts I’ve already written.

Year-End List: My Favorite Images Posted in 2019

Favorite photos, postcards, and artwork posted in 2019.