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Miscellaneous Dallas #2

Unrelated bits and pieces with no home.

Orphaned Factoids: Year-End Grab Bag, 2018

Croquet on the frontier, cycling to Fort Worth, “carrettes,” etc.

From the Vault: The Texas Bookbindery, Arcadia Park

by Paula Bosse Look at this charming little Oak Cliff building. Isn’t it cute? Wanna see what it looks like today? Click on over to my original post from 2014, here, and see it. (This is about as close to “clickbait” as I’m likely to get….) * Copyright © 2017 Paula Bosse. All Rights Reserved.

Sivils Drive-In, An Oak Cliff Institution: 1940-1967

“Curb girls,” burgers, and beer.

Stacy’s Lounge on The Miracle Mile — 1950

A classy watering hole along the Miracle Mile.

Trinity Heights: The Tallent Furniture Studio and The Sunshine Home

A bird’s eye view of a Trinity Heights neighborhood.

The Texas Bookbindery, Arcadia Park

Idealized & vibrant yesterday, tired & sagging today.

The Texas Fire Extinguisher Co. and Hitler — 1942

A fire extinguisher company and the prank inquiry from “Hitler” seeking employment.

The Lighthouse Church That Warned of Sin’s Penalty with a Beam of Blue Mercury Vapor Shot Into the Skies Above Oak Cliff — 1941

This unusual church building is still standing in Oak Cliff.

Joe Yee Cafe: The Best Chop Suey in Town

Fantastic postcard.