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Titche’s Discovers the Suburbs — 1961-1968

Titche’s had been in business for 59 years before it opened its second store.

The Expanded “Texas Size” Titche’s Building: Twelve Glamorous Acres of Department Store — 1955

In 1955, the Titche-Goettinger store was Dallas’ largest.

Need a Handgun? Head Over to Titche’s! — 1963

The department store with something for everyone.


The “swingingest, rockingest” Dallas Symphony Orchestra you’ve ever heard.

Downtown Dallas in Color — 1940s & 1950s

Dallas, from the fabulous world of Kodachrome!

The Wilson Building and the *New* Wilson Building — 1911

The original Wilson Building was joined by its taller companion in 1911; both still stand.

Rubber Stockpile: Forty-One Mountainous Piles of Tires — 1943

Why was there an estimated 30,000 tons of old tires piled up near Love Field?

Year-End List: My Favorite Images Posted in 2018

Personal favorite photos, postcards, and artworks posted in 2018.

Main & Ervay, Pedestrians — 1970

More crisp color 35mm film footage from the SMU vaults.

A Drive Through Downtown — 1970

Wonderful 35mm color footage captured on a drive through downtown in 1970.