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“How the News Got Made” — SMU’s WFAA Newsfilm Collection Spotlighted at the Dallas VideoFest

Dallas history captured in WFAA news clips and B-roll footage.

No-Context Channel 8 Screenshots: 1970-1971

Screenshots from WFAA News footage.

Santa Claus Visits Fair Park — 1969 and 1970

Santa arrives by helicopter to a waiting crowd of children.

Wes Wise, 1929-2022

The 3-term former Dallas mayor has died.

Claes Oldenburg in Dallas — 1962

A pop art icon comes to Oak Lawn.

Response to “Leak” from the Dallas Attorney Who Took Roe v. Wade to the Supreme Court

Linda Coffee comments on the Supreme Court draft-decision leak.

Gene de Jean Lifts a Curse on Dallas — 1970

Watch warlock Gene de Jean lift a years-long curse from Big D.

Victor’s Lounge — 1913 Commerce

Victor’s was a downtown mainstay, popular with office workers in the 1950s and ’60s.

Smith College Book Sale — 1962

The Smith College book sale was a much-anticipated event for Dallas book lovers every year.

From the Vault: Jimi Hendrix Interviewed on the Love Field Tarmac — 1969

Ch. 8 nabbed a fantastic interview with Jimi Hendrix at Love Field.