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“How the News Got Made” — SMU’s WFAA Newsfilm Collection Spotlighted at the Dallas VideoFest

Dallas history captured in WFAA news clips and B-roll footage.

Response to “Leak” from the Dallas Attorney Who Took Roe v. Wade to the Supreme Court

Linda Coffee comments on the Supreme Court draft-decision leak.

Gene de Jean Lifts a Curse on Dallas — 1970

Watch warlock Gene de Jean lift a years-long curse from Big D.

Victor’s Lounge — 1913 Commerce

Victor’s was a downtown mainstay, popular with office workers in the 1950s and ’60s.

Smith College Book Sale — 1962

The Smith College book sale was a much-anticipated event for Dallas book lovers every year.

From the Vault: Jimi Hendrix Interviewed on the Love Field Tarmac — 1969

Ch. 8 nabbed a fantastic interview with Jimi Hendrix at Love Field.

Neiman’s First Suburban Store: Preston Road — 1951-1965

The first “suburban” Neiman-Marcus location was at Preston and Northwest Highway.

Highland Park’s Azaleas

Spring officially arrives when HP’s azaleas burst into bloom.

A Few Photo Additions to Past Posts — #13

New stuff for old posts.

The Murphy House — Maple Avenue

From lovely to horrible to exquisite.