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My Dream House at the Greenville Avenue Reservoir

Who else has been charmed by this cute little “house” on Greenville Avenue?

Rubber Stockpile: Forty-One Mountainous Piles of Tires — 1943

Why was there an estimated 30,000 tons of old tires piled up near Love Field?

Dallas Ephemera and Memorabilia #1

Check out some examples of Dallas-related collectibles.

A Few Photo Additions to Past Posts — #8

Waste not, want not!

Highland Park High School: Ads from the 1966 Yearbook

Ads from the 1966 Highlander, several featuring students.

The Wide Open Spaces Northeast of Central and Lovers — 1957

WIDE open.

The M-K-T Pulling Out of Dallas

Leaving the Katy yard.

The Jefferson Hotel and Its “Wireless Telegraph” Rooftop Tower — 1921

View of Houston St. and the Jefferson Hotel from Union Station.

Commerce & Record Streets — 1946

Streetcars, pedestrians, and an unfamiliar-looking Commerce St.

Commerce Street — 1942-ish

A couple of landmarks are down the street….