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“Pickle Brine Ryan” — 1968

Nolan Ryan and his pickle juice regimen.

From the Vault: From a Miserable “Squatter-Town” to Beautiful Reverchon Park

The shanty town became a park in 1915.

Dallas: “Amusement Capital of the Southwest” — 1946

Dining, dancing, theaters, football — Dallas had it all!

Old Parkland — 1950

Fantastic aerial view of Parkland Hospital, looking south.

Nolan Ryan’s Celebratory Pancake Breakfast — 1972

Nolan Ryan enjoys a high-carb breakfast at the Dallas Sheraton, 1972.

Simulcasting the World Series In Dallas In the Days Before Radio, Via Telegraph

Before radio and TV, Dallasites were able to experience an almost-live World Series.

The First Texas-OU Game in Dallas — 1912

The very first TX-OU game in Dallas was played in Gaston Park on Oct. 19, 1912.

The Dallas Athletics, Dallas’ First Soccer Team — 1908

In 1908, there were only two soccer teams in Dallas: the mostly-experienced Athletics and a ragtag team fielded by The Dallas Morning News.

Reverchon Park, Site of a Hovel Town Once Known as “Woodchuck Hill”

Reverchon Park, 1915 — first step: remove the hovels.

Minor League Ball: The Dallas Rangers — 1958-1964

“YES WE ARE AAA.” Back when local baseball meant a trip out to Burnett Stadium to see the Dallas Rangers (no relation…).