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“You Can Get That Famous Marathon Gasoline in Oak Cliff” — 1930

…but nowhere else in Dallas.

Orphaned Factoids: Year-End Grab Bag, 2019

Bits and pieces of things in varying degrees of interestingness.

A Few Photo Additions to Past Posts — #11

New stuff, old stuff.

Year-End List: My Favorite Posts of 2018

The subjects I most enjoyed researching and writing about in 2018.

Dallas Is For Lovers

A couple of Lovers’ Lanes, a Lovers’ Retreat, and a slew of petting parties.

The Eccentric Medford Compound On the Old Eagle Ford Road: 1945-1950

Trinity Groves doesn’t look like this anymore.

A Few Photo Additions to Past Posts — #5

More photo updates!

A Few Photo Additions to Past Posts — #4

Adding new photos to old posts.

Year-End List! Most Popular Posts of 2016

The readers’ favorites of 2016.

Thank You, Weird Hollywood!

Hollywood in Texas.