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If the Dallas Observer Brought You Here…


by Paula Bosse

A bit of departure, to thank the Dallas Observer for running a short piece on Flashback: Dallas. The blog has been deluged with visitors today — all of whom I hope will check back in occasionally. If you’d like to read the Mixmaster blog post by Lauren Smart that started the flurry (thank you, Lauren!), check it out here.



And thank YOU for taking the time to check out my little blog that has become so much fun to do!


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“It’s 10 Degrees Cooler in Highland Park” — 1916


And don’t you forget it!


Flippen and Prather developed Highland Park, and this great ad may well have swayed more than a few people to consider HP as their future home. From the 1915-16 edition of SMU’s “Rotunda” yearbook.


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