Munger Place — 1908

munger-place_city-directory_1908-detGaston Avenue in its salad days… (click for much larger image)

by Paula Bosse

This ‘Place’ is a beautiful restricted residence addition to Dallas (being inside the corporate limits), having all of the advantages possible for money to obtain, having already under way a number of handsome residences, as well as a number already finished and occupied. All streets paved with Bitulithic. Sidewalks, curb and gutter of first class cement. It is impossible to describe this place as it looks now, hence we ask that you let us show you, or ask that you go out via Swiss, Gaston or Junius streets and see for yourself. All of these streets are paved into town or into the main streets to town.

It would have taken a great deal of creative vision to imagine what a beautiful neighborhood the one shown in that bleak photo would one day become. (Does anyone know where on Gaston this photo was taken? Are any of these houses still standing?)



Ad from the 1908 city directory.

Info on the Munger Place Historic District on Wikipedia, here, and at, here.

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