“Happy Days,” SMU-Style — 1958

smu_gazing-adoringly_degolyer_1958Oh, the Fifties… (click for larger image) (DeGolyer Library, SMU)

by Paula Bosse

Ralph and Potsie are just out of frame.

smu_gazing_1I love these girls’ faces. And hair! (click for larger image)

smu_gazing_2And their shoes!

smu_gazing_3The Big Men on Campus appear to  be enjoying the attention.

smu_gazing_4That print is kind of … busy. Is it a cowboy motif? Are those horses? Is that Peruna?!


Photo titled “Gazing Adoringly,” 1958, from the collection of the DeGolyer Library, Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University; photo can be viewed here.

UPDATE: Yes, the photo does look odd, doesn’t it? Thanks to a commenter on the Flashback Dallas Facebook page, I now realize that this is a strange superimposition of separate images. The fountain is much closer to Dallas Hall, and the image of the students at the fountain has been superimposed over a long shot up Bishop Blvd., with Dallas Hall way in the distance. I’m pretty sure this photo originated at SMU — it might have appeared in a yearbook or promotional material for the university. Or maybe someone was just having fun in the darkroom. If anyone knows more about this photo — or who any of the students are — let me know!

All images larger when clicked.


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