A Few Photo Additions to Past Posts — #3


by Paula Bosse

Time once again to add photos I’ve recently come across to previous posts. Stuff’s starting to pile up!


Above, a postcard photo of the old Union Depot which once stood on the edge of Deep Ellum, at Pacific and Central. I’m adding it to “The Old Union Depot in East Dallas: 1897-1935.” (Source: Flickr, here.)


This 1936 photo of the new aquarium at the Texas Centennial has been added to a post I really enjoyed writing, “The Dallas Aquarium: The Building Emblazoned With Seahorses — 1936.” (Source: Ryerson & Burnham Archives, Art Institute of Chicago, here.)



Another Centennial photo is this one, showing the second Alamo replica which stood in Fair Park from 1936 to 1951 (the first one lasted longer, from 1909 to 1935). Personally, I never knew about either replica until I wrote the post “Remember the Alamo! … In Fair Park?” (Source: Ryerson & Burnham Archives, Art Institute of Chicago, here.)



This great postcard of the Washington Theater (“at night”) has been added to “The Washington Theater — Dallas’ First Movie Palace.” (Source: eBay.)



This undated photo of the St. Joseph orphanage in Oak Cliff has been added to “The St. Joseph Orphanage — 1891.” (Source: Catholic Diocese of Dallas.)



This photo of the Cass County Boys (featuring the ever-fetching Jerry Scoggins on the right) has been added to “Jerry Scoggins, From WFAA Staff Musician to Pop Culture Icon.” Scoggins is the man who sang the Beverly Hillbillies theme song (which might now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day…). (Source: eBay.)



I saw this postcard for the Jones Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital and Clinic the other day. The only reason this jumped out at me was because I had researched the building a bit when I wrote about gay clubs in the ’70s for CentralTrack.com (Hidden in Plain Sight: A Photo History of Dallas’ Gay Bars of the 1970s”). This non-descript, institutional-looking building started out life in 1928 as a fancy clinic at Live Oak and Hall, then became a gay bathhouse and bar (Bachelors Quarters and Entre Nuit), and it is now home to a CPA firm. (If those walls could talk….) I can’t update the Central Track post, so I thought I’d update it here. (Source: top image from the always amazing “Coltera” on Flickr; bottom photos from a 1975 issue of the gay travel magazine Ciao! More of these photos can be seen at the bottom of the Central Track article linked above.)




And, lastly, not a photo update, but I’ve expanded the “All About Me, Me, Me” page, here. I’ve added more words. And a link to me talking with Justin Martin of KERA radio last year.


Those pictures are big. Click ’em!


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