Asking For Your Support…

money-tree_first-national-bank_postcard_frontLo, the “Money Tree” at First National Bank

by Paula Bosse

Hello! I’m writing a different sort of post today, one in which I am asking for your financial support, which should be an empowering career move but which is actually a little intimidating. 

I created Flashback Dallas in February 2014 and have recently embarked on Year Ten (!). I’ve written over 1,300 posts, which amazes me. Along the way, I had hoped someone would “discover” me and offer me a Dallas-history-related job with a salary which I could live on, but that hasn’t panned out so far. I still hold out hope, but “Dallas-history-related jobs” are few and far between. There have been a few fantasies of a Dallas-history-loving person with loads of cash emerging from the ether, wallet in hand, wanting nothing more than to fund the writing of this blog and handing over wads of cash. But that hasn’t happened either. (If you are an employer or a wealthy investor with wads of cash, you know where to find me!)

I’ve plugged away on this blog for more than 9 years, and I’ve loved it all. Loved it. My first passion is writing, and I feel pretty lucky that I’ve been able to combine that with learning about the history of my hometown! It’s been both fun and gratifying. But I’ve made no money doing this. No advertising, no sponsorships, no “partnerships.” The amount of time I’ve put into this blog is pretty staggering — and, again, I’ve loved it, but I’d really like to be able to make some money for my efforts. 

For years, people have suggested I start a Patreon page. And now I have. (Click the logo below to check out my Patreon page.)


Patreon is a “membership platform” which offers a way for people like me to have subscribers who pay a monthly contribution to support an ongoing project, sometimes offering special incentives to followers. The way I have set up my Patreon account is to offer the same content to whomever chooses to support me. Things may change in the future, but for now, if you pledge $5, $10, or $15 a month, you’ll have access to “exclusive” content which will not be crossposted here. These will usually be short posts — photos, ads, clippings, etc. — which might later become a longer post here on the blog, but a lot of it will be things that don’t fit anywhere else or are about subjects I simply don’t have time to write a full blog post about. As I become more comfortable with the site, I may try other types of “content.” I will most certainly be posting WAY more frequently there.

I am also on Patreon as a patron, supporting a person whose work I really enjoy, and I’ve found the platform very easy to use. There are no strings attached. You can change the amount of your pledge — up or down — very easily. And you can also CANCEL at any time. (You won’t hurt my feelings!) Your credit card will be charged monthly on the same day of the month that you initially subscribe. Patreon has been around for 10 years, so, as the kids say, it’s legit.

There will be occasional “public” posts on the site, and you are welcome to pop over there at any time to see what’s there. You can check the page out HERE. (I hope not to spam people incessantly with this, but — fair warning — this Patreon-mentioning will be popping up from time to time.)

I hope to use some of these proceeds to eventually upgrade this blog. It’s a long story, but I am not unaware of the failings of my present website. I need to do a major, scary migration. For several years I’ve been a caregiver dealing with health issues of elderly relatives, and it’s definitely held me back on things I’ve wanted to do with this site and with my writing. 

So — if you’re still reading! — I am asking in a no-pressure way that you consider supporting me monetarily if you are a fan of my work and appreciate the time and effort it takes to create it. If you are unable to or just don’t feel like it, no problem. I am so happy to have all of you reading. It’s been so much fun doing this — and, in the process, getting to know many of you. As I said above, I have no plans to stop Flashback Dallas anytime soon — things here should continue as usual. Thank you so much for reading!




Sources & Notes

Image at the top is a 20-foot bas-relief mural by Alma Shon, the “Money Tree,” which was located on the second floor of the First National Bank building. It was made from 7,819 coins and carved walnut wood. Read the complete description here.

And… in case you missed it, that Patreon page is here.



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