The Remarkably Empty Streets of Downtown Dallas — 1900

by Paula Bosse


by Paula Bosse

Jeff Britton’s drug store was at the southeast corner of Elm & Akard, so I think this is Elm Street looking east, with the trolley crossing Elm on Akard. I could be wrong! Suggestions welcome!

UPDATE: I WAS wrong! Reader Bob Taylor is correct when he commented that this is a view of Akard Street looking north, most likely taken from an upper floor or the roof of the Oriental Hotel at Akard & Commerce. The church at the top of this photo, in the middle, is First Baptist Church, located at about Patterson and Ervay (a map can be seen in a document I’ve posted here). (A companion photo to this one shows Commerce looking west, again likely taken from atop the Oriental Hotel — it can be seen here.)


Photo from the pages of The Bohemian magazine in the Fort Worth Public Library (the library has perforated its name into the image).

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