David Bowie, Dallas Convention Center — 1978

by Paula Bosse

bowie_1978_smBowie, 1978 tour

by Paula Bosse

David Bowie, one of the most innovative and influential musicians of the rock era, has died at 69.

I checked to see when his first Dallas concert appearance was, and it looks like it wasn’t until the 1978 Low/Heroes tour; even though that was only a few short years after he had begun to make headlines in the United States, he had already been through a lifetime’s worth of countless stylistic incarnations by then.

He had rehearsed for the tour in Dallas (primarily because Showco was based here), and when Pete Oppel of The Dallas Morning News caught up with him for an interview in March, the first couple of paragraphs jumped out at me a little unexpectedly.

bowie_dmn_040978-detDMN, April 9, 1978 (full interview below)

David Bowie lounging shirtless on the SMU campus lawn?! Soaking up sun?!

Bowie appeared at the Dallas Convention Center on April 10, 1978. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram review said that he played to a less-than-capacity audience of about 7,000, which seems odd — I would have expected the concert to have sold out. Several songs performed at this concert were filmed to be shown on television. Here are those songs, from his 1978 Dallas appearance. RIP, David.



Photo from nwi.com.

Pete Oppel’s review of the Dallas show, from The Dallas Morning News (Apr. 11, 1978):

bowie_dmn_041178(click for larger image)

Gerry Barker’s review, from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Apr. 11, 1978):


Pete Oppel’s interview with a shirtless Bowie outside McFarlin Auditorium, from the DMN (Apr. 9, 1978) is here.


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