A Few Photo Additions to Previous Posts

dallas-times-herald-bldg_squire-haskins_utaExterior of The Dallas Times Herald building (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

After doing a bit of digital housecleaning, I’ve added a few odds and ends to previous posts.

The top photo by Squire Haskins, from the Squire Haskins Collection, UTA, has been added to the post “‘The Times Herald Stands For Dallas As a Whole.'”


This very early photo of the Junius Heights gate has been added to my recent post “The Gateway to Junius Heights.” (This photo was taken in the Lakewood restaurant The Heights, unfortunately with lights reflecting off the picture — stop by The Heights to see a better image!) (Original source unknown.)



This ad for the Gospel Lighthouse Church appeared — surprisingly — in the 1967 Carter High School yearbook, and it has been added to the perennially popular post with my favorite unwieldy title: “The Lighthouse Church That Warned of Sin’s Penalty with a Beam of Blue Mercury Vapor Shot Into the Skies Above Oak Cliff — 1941.”



This dashing photograph of Angus Wynne, Jr. has been added to “Angus Wynne, Jr.’s ‘Texas Disneyland’ — 1961.”



Another dashing portrait — this one of Preston Hollow, etc. developer Ira P. DeLoache — has been added to “Preston Elms: Your Country Estate Awaits — 1935.” (The DeLoache and Wynne photos from the Fall, 2002 issue of Legacies.) 



And these two photos are from yearbooks of the Terrill School (first one from 1915, second one from 1928) and have been added to the post “George Cacas, The Terrill School’s Greek Ice Cream Man — 1916.”




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