Bryan Adams High School: Yearbook Photos from 1961 and 1962

bryan-adams_1961_colorGreetings, from BAHS… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Yesterday I posted a bunch of ads (seen here) from the 1961 and 1962 yearbooks of Bryan Adams High School, and today I’m posting a bunch of photos of random school life from those same yearbooks. (All photos are larger when clicked.)

Above, band, drill team, and cheerleaders. (1961)

Below, the rigors of the art student. (1961)



Boys. (1961)



The Corals. The caption: “The Corals play an important role in the life of El Conquistador.” (El Conquistador is the name of the yearbook, and The Corals were a popular combo that played around Dallas in the late ’50s and early ’60s. I assume they were BA students.) (1961)



The Senior Ball, held downtown at the Sheraton. (1961)



Gymnasium drama. (1961)



BA drill team in the stands at a football game. “Beautiful Belles.” (1961)



The Up Beats. (1962)



The guy in the glasses is Sverker Olson, “our exchange student from Sweden.” He looks very happy. (1961)



I saw many, many photos of that guy on the right in the white shirt. He was either very popular or was slipping the photographer a buck every time he saw him in order to get as many photos of himself as possible into the yearbook. (1961)



I was in band in high school. We never got to play at the State Fair of Texas at the feet of Big Tex.



Grainy photo that’s interesting mostly because of how tiny downtown looked from the eastern shore of White Rock Lake back in 1962.



All photos from the Bryan Adams High School yearbook, El Conquistador — all are larger when clicked.


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