Thank You, Candy’s Dirt! Thank You, Preservation Dallas!

by Paula Bosse


by Paula Bosse

Thank you so much to Candy’s Dirt — the popular Dallas real estate website and blog — for publishing Deb R. Brimer’s article on me, “Writer Paula Bosse Wins Preservation Dallas Award.” Deb wrote the article as a result of my having recently received Preservation Dallas’ 2019 Education Award, an occasion which, though hugely flattering and wonderfully gratifying, I hadn’t written about here, because, well, it seemed a little embarrassing for me to write about receiving an award. But now that someone else has written about it…. Many people received awards for various preservation projects, and the awards ceremony was held in the beautiful Lone Star Gas Building. I took some very bad video as PD executive director David Preziosi made a very nice presentation about Flashback Dallas — you can watch the short presentation here.

Thanks again to Candy’s Dirt and Deb Brimer!

And, officially, thank you, Preservation Dallas, for the honor of including me in your 2019 Preservation Achievement Awards!



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