SCTV’s Bobby Bittman Does Dallas — 1980

by Paula Bosse

bittman-does-dallas_1980_cheerleadersBittman on hay…

by Paula Bosse

Today I stumbled across a video on YouTube featuring “Bobby Bittman,” a recurring character on the old “SCTV” sketch comedy show played by Eugene Levy (who is suddenly a superstar after decades in show business for his role in “Schitt’s Creek”). The clip is a promo for a new variety special called “Bittman Does Dallas,” starring the painfully unfunny and narcissistic bejeweled comedian Bobby Bittman, with appearances by a bevy of hot-pants-clad cheerleaders and some sort of flag.

(This will be enjoyed by those who grew up with “SCTV” and/or bad variety shows and/or “Dallas.” …Others might not enjoy this at all.)


“How are ya, y’all?”




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YouTube clip is here.



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