The Periphery of the Texas State Fair Never Looked Better

by Paula Bosse

state-fair_postcard_carrie-ednaApproaching the Fair Grounds… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

A couple of pretty, but unusual views of the fairgrounds, turn-of-the-century-ish. The message on the postcard at the top: “Carrie the fair was real good this year better than it has been for years. Edna”

And then there’s this view, “Fair Park Scenery.” Same period as the top one? Later? It shows the “Vehicle Exit.” “Vehicles” meaning buggies and wagons?

state-fair-grounds_postcard_vehicle-exitLeaving the Fair Grounds… (click for larger image)

I think the top postcard shows the entrance — I have another view of the entrance that looks like this, from around 1900 (see it here). And the bottom card? “Scenery” near the Vehicle Exit. So … a parking lot? Or a road leading to the exit? Whatever it is, it’s not really all that “scenic.” Both postcards are fairly odd choices for picture postcards of the Texas State Fair, as neither one shows anything of the actual fair! But if people had fond memories of driving into or out of the State Fair, these were the postcards to buy!


Postcards from eBay. The second one (with photo by Clogenson) is currently available, here.

Top postcard’s 2-cent stamp was issued in Nov. 1903, per Wikipedia.

Photo in link showing the Main Entrance to the fairgrounds is from The Bohemian magazine, Autumn, 1900; from the Fort Worth Public Library Archives. (It was included in my post “The Fair Is In the Air — Let’s Go!”)

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