Dallas: “Interesting To Visit, But No San Antonio” — 1950

by Paula Bosse

skyline_no-san-antonio_ebayDallas: one of many Alamo-free Texas cities…

by Paula Bosse

In May of 1950, Clinton S. Johnson of New York City received a postcard from his child who was traveling across Texas. The postcard, showing a “Skyline View of Dallas, Texas, from Viaduct,”  said:

Wed. May 10, ’50

Dear Daddy —

A big, busy, sunny city — interesting to visit, but no San Antonio. Leaving after two days, one sooner than had allowed for Oklahoma City. Saw hundreds of miles of fields of bluebonnets on way here from San Antonio. Am fine, hope you are too.

Love, L.


“Big, busy, sunny, and interesting” — but no San Antonio. …I accept that. Who doesn’t love San Antonio? But San Antonio never had a skyline view like that.


Postcard from eBay.

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