Thank You, Justin Martin / KERA 90.1!

by Paula Bosse


by Paula Bosse

Thank you, Justin Martin, for inviting me to KERA 90.1 for my first-ever radio interview! I was a little nervous, but Justin was the perfect host, on and off the mike.

To listen to the interview, click here.


After the interview, Justin took me on a quick tour around the KERA radio and TV studios, which was great. Here’s Big Bird and a Teletubby friend watching over the station’s goings-on, like benevolent fluorescent gargoyles. (Okay, I looked it up: the green Teletubby’s name is “Dipsy.”)



Below are the two posts Justin asked me about, for those who want more of the background I might have been a bit too flustered to describe fully and/or coherently.

The male carhops in short-shorts: if I’ve posted one thing that has gone viral, it’s the photo of Love Field-area male carhops, which has been shared all over the place. The original post — “Carhops as Sex Symbols — 1940” — can be found here.

Also, the straightening and moving of the Trinity River: “The Trinity River at the City’s Doorstep” is here (see the comments of that post for more information and links to further information about the moving of the river).

Thanks again, KERA!

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