“Dallas … Undisputed Medical Center” — 1946

by Paula Bosse

medical-centers_so-this-is-dallas_ca-1946_smSix of the city’s top facilities (click for larger image and caption)

by Paula Bosse

The photos above and the text just below are from a publication from about 1946 which was prepared for potential newcomers to the city in order to encourage them to move their businesses and/or residences to Dallas. This page focuses on the city’s superior medical centers, including Parkland Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, Scottish Rite Crippled Children’s Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies, and Baylor University Hospital.

medical-centers_so-this-is-dallas_ca-1946-text(click for larger image)

Locations of these and other “Hospitals and Dispensaries” can be found in this clipping from the 1946 Dallas city directory:




Photo collage and text from “So This Is Dallas,” edited by Mrs. E. F. Anderson (Dallas: The Welcome Wagon, ca. 1946); photographs by Parker-Griffith.

Hospital listings from the 1945-46 Worley’s Greater Dallas (Texas) City Directory.


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