Crossing Main Street

by Paula Bosse

main-looking-east_watermelon-kidLife in the Big City…

by Paula Bosse

Turn-of-the-century traffic: buggies, bicycles, wagons, and people.

I first came across the image below in — of all places — a 1931 SMU yearbook and backtracked to finding the “color” postcard, above. The very grainy image (below) may just have been a black and white photo of this postcard rather than the original photograph, but it’s interesting to see them together. The yearbook identifies this as being Main and Akard, looking west on Main; it also dates it about 1906, but I think it’s earlier than that — there probably would have been evidence of automobiles on Main Street by then. Whenever it was, it seems like a pleasantly nostalgic frozen-in-time moment.


Postcard at top from the Watermelon Kid’s great site, here.

Weird, blurry black and white image from the 1931 Southern Methodist University Rotunda yearbook.

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