From the Vault: Dallas and the Spanish Influenza

by Paula Bosse

spanish-influenza_love-field_otis-historical-archives_nmhm_110618Throat-spraying at Love Field, 1918

by Paula Bosse

A cold has been dragging me down for the past few days — the perfect excuse to re-run an old post about communicable diseases! I’ve felt pretty bad, but at least it isn’t the Spanish Influenza. Or, for that matter, Ebola. I originally wrote this post (about how the Spanish Influenza had ripped through the city in 1918 and 1919) as a response to the then-current concern that a deadly Ebola pandemic might similarly race around the world, set off by the unexpected cases of the Ebola virus spreading here in Dallas. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Read the original post — “When the Spanish Influenza Hit Dallas — 1918” — here.

And, remember: cover your mouth when you cough and don’t spit in the streets, because NOBODY expects the Spanish Influenza!


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