“Start Your Day the Happy Way … with The Dallas Morning News” — 1961

by Paula Bosse

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by Paula Bosse

A word from a secretary:

I’m a secretary, and I prefer The Dallas Morning News.

My boss refers to me as his “Girl Friday” because I am more than an ordinary secretary. I make more money than an ordinary secretary makes, too.

Questions come up from time to time and I am able to supply the answers … simply because I start my day the happy way … with The Dallas Morning News.

I read it all … the news, editorials, even glance through the business and sports sections. I pay particular attention to current affairs, both foreign and domestic.

For myself, I browse the women’s pages … the fashion news, club activities, and all the special features. The advertising is very helpful. I do most of my shopping during the lunch hour. I always know where to go for what I want without having to shop around.

If you are a secretary and would like for your job to be more interesting … and valuable, too … here’s a tip. Start your day the happy way with The Dallas Morning News.


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