“Electricity in Every Form” — 1909

by Paula Bosse

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by Paula Bosse

There was a lot going on in 1909 on the 7th floor of the Wilson Building in the “extensive apartments” occupied by a local “institution” affiliated with the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Individuals could (and apparently did) avail themselves of the following treatments:

Some of the therapeutic measures employed are: Baths of various kinds scientifically administered by trained attendants. Electricity in every form. Every kind of general and special Massage. Mechanical Vibration by the most recent and efficient apparatus. Hydrotherapy (the scientific use of water) in its great variety of application. Electric Light Baths. Physical Culture.

Just let that soak in. Or surge through you. Administering your voltage? Say hello to Dr. F. B. Moran, below.


Yes, indeed.


Sources & Notes

Ad from the 1909 Worley’s city directory.

Photo of Dr. Moran from a 1930 ad so long-winded and dull I couldn’t finish reading it or fit it in here.

See the Battle Creek Sanitarium contraptions in action here.

Click ad for larger image.


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