Old Parkland — 1950

by Paula Bosse

parkland_aerial_1950_utsw_smThe *OLD* Old Parkland… (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Fantastic aerial view of Parkland Hospital, looking south toward Reverchon Park (you can see the baseball diamond at the very top, just west of the old Turtle Creek pump station — now the Sammons Center — in the upper right corner). Maple is running north and south at the left of the photograph, Oak Lawn, east and west, just above the center.

Here’s the same view today.

maple-oak-lawn_google-earthGoogle Earth


Sources & Notes

Photograph titled “Aerial view of Parkland Hospital on Maple with Southwestern Medical School adjacent,” is from the UT Arlington Special Collections Library, hosted on the UT Southwestern Archives Collection site, here. You can zoom in and see incredible magnified details here.

The photo was taken August 15, 1950, by an unknown photographer. It looks a lot like a photo by Squire Haskins, taken a couple of blocks south — see it in the previous Flashback Dallas post “Reverchon Park Flyover,” here.


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