From the Vault: The Ladies’ Reading Circle

by Paula Bosse

ladies-reading-circle_negro-leg-brewer_1935The Ladies, circa 1935

by Paula Bosse

I’ve been researching civil rights issues in Dallas, and one name I keep coming across is Miss Callie Hicks (1894-1965), an African-American schoolteacher, civic leader, and officer of the local chapter of the NAACP. She was also a member of the Ladies’ Reading Circle, a Dallas group organized in 1892 by and for literary- and history-minded black women. She can be seen in the circa-1935 photo above, seated, second from the right. I enjoyed learning about this group of women, and the post I wrote, “The Ladies’ Reading Circle: An Influential Women’s Club Organized by Black Teachers in 1892,” can be read here.

I just added a picture of the charming house the group bought in the late-’30s and maintained for many years as a place which provided housing and career training for young women. Unbelievably, this State-Thomas-area house is still standing.

lrc-home_2616-hibernia_google2616 Hibernia (Google Street View)


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