Dallas High School’s 1915 Basket Ball Season

by Paula Bosse

basketball_dallas-high-school_1915-girls-photo_dhs-yrbkA winning season for the girls! (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

The girls’ basketball (or “basket ball”) team of Dallas High School (later known as Crozier Tech) had a great season in 1915! They won 7 of their 8 games, losing only to Fort Worth’s Polytechnic High (by one measly basket). Most of their opponents were trampled by the DHS team, several managing to score  no more than a mere 2 or 4 points (!). And, let’s face it, without the drag caused by those elaborate and cumbersome uniforms and … um … headgear, DHS would no doubt have scored even higher.

Below, the roster (containing some great names like Helmo, Valliant, Floy, and Ollie). (Click for larger image.)


And the wrap-up of the season, from the yearbook, with more than a hint of bitterness toward the Fort Worth team:


And the boys’ team? Oh dear. They won only 4 out of 8 games. But at least their uniforms were better suited to the sport.





From the pages of the 1915 Dallas High School yearbook — the “Dal-Hi” annual.

All pictures larger when clicked.


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