Year-End List! My Favorite (Non-Photo) Images Posted in 2015

by Paula Bosse

skyline_1960_dmn_100260I feel a sudden yen for a mid-century cocktail….

by Paula Bosse

It’s the end of the year, the traditional time for lists! Today I’m posting a list of my top ten favorite images that I’ve posted over the past year — either art or postcards (my favorite photographs of the year will be posted tomorrow). For more info on the images — and to see the post they appeared in — click on the title of the post (sources are generally at the bottom). Most images are larger when clicked — some are quite a bit larger.


“The Dallas Skyline, Vibrant & Sophisticated — 1960” (above) — an idealized rendering of the downtown skyline, oddly missing Pegasus.

“‘Trailerville’ by Charles T. Bowling — 1940.”


“Winter Scene: The Belo Mansion & The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart — ca. 1902.”


“The Fine Black Land Is Around Dallas, Texas.”


“The State Fair of Texas: ‘This Is Where All My Money Has Gone.'”


“Love Field, The Super-Cool 1950s Era.” (Super-cool photos also in this post!)


“Main Street — ca. 1942.”


“‘Cemetery at Twilight’ by Frank Reaugh.”


“‘Along the Tracks’ in the Fair Park Area.” (Painting by Jerry Bywaters.)


“Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas — 1930” (Woodrow Wilson High School yearbook endpaper.)


Honorable Mention: Not specifically Dallas-related, but it IS Texas-related: “‘Used Books & Guns’ — 1967.”  I’ve updated the post with a photo, which may or may not be the actual San Antonio bookstore which appeared as an illustration in a children’s book.



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