Year-End List! My Favorite Dallas Ads Posted in 2015

by Paula Bosse

ad-acme-screen-co_terrill-yrbk_1924“This town ain’t big enough…”

by Paula Bosse

It’s the end of the year, the traditional time to make lists. Over the next few days I’ll be posting some of my favorite Flashbacky moments from 2015.  First up, ads. I’ve really been remiss is posting ads this year for some reason. I love old ads (in fact, before this blog, I maintained an advertising blog for several years — Retro Adverto — I haven’t updated it since I began Flashback Dallas, but I hope to pick it back up some day).

Click ads for larger images. To see the original post these ads came from (which includes sources and no doubt pithy commentary), click the title of each ad.

And thanks for reading in 2015!


“‘They Shall Not Pass’ — Acme Screen Co. Ad (1924)” (seen above).

“You Know What They Say: Big Feet, Big Cigars — 1877.”


“‘When “Big D” Lights Up’ –Phelps Dodge Ad (1969).


“‘A Perfect Auto Tent’ — 1921.”


“The Interurban Parlor Car: Perusing the News in Comfy Chairs.”


Honorable Mention: “New Year, New Teeth — 1877.” This gets its own little category because the ad is slightly amusing, but the story behind the dentist who took this ad out is MUCH more interesting!




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