From the Vault: Cowboy Boots, Y’all!

by Paula Bosse

olsen-stelzer-box_smallThe pride of Henrietta….

by Paula Bosse

I was pretty excited when I came across this box recently — my aunt had been using it to store Christmas decorations in. Don’t know what happened to the boots. I love vintage cowboy boots, and Olsen-Stelzer is something of a legend in  Texas boot companies (and still going strong!). My mother’s side of the family has roots in the Henrietta area, so I’m sure my aunt bought a pair of boots 60-some-odd years ago while visiting relatives. Read more about this company (and see some cool ads) (…there IS a Dallas connection…) in my post from 2014, “Olsen-Stelzer Boot Saleslady — 1939,” here.


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