Main & Murphy — ca. 1907

by Paula Bosse

city-national-bank_postcard_bwMain St. looking east

by Paula Bosse

Above, Main Street looking east, taken from Murphy, anchored by the beautiful City National Bank, built in 1903. This block today? One Main Place.  Whatever old buildings were left in this block in 1965 (including the old City National Bank) were bulldozed into oblivion to make way for the skyscraper.

The same view today:

one-main-place_google_2015Google Street View, 2015


Sources & Notes

Top image from a postcard found on eBay.

Imagine looking up to the sky from the photographer’s vantage point in the top photo and seeing what things would look like a century later.

Murphy no longer exists — it was between what is now Griffin and Field. A map from 1898 showing the location:


See another photo of the same view taken at about the same time, only with horse-and-buggy traffic, here.


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