White Rock Lake From Above — 1925-1926

by Paula Bosse

white-rock-lake_fairchild-aerial_1925_legacies_fall-2002Fairchild Aerial Survey photograph, 1925 (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Above, a striking view of White Rock Lake, looking north, with Garland Road and the Houston & Texas Central Railroad tracks (becoming the Texas & New Orleans Railroad tracks in 1934) crossing at the lower center of the photograph, just southwest of the lake. Another Fairchild Aerial Survey photo is below — this one is from 1926, and its wider view shows just how undeveloped this area was at the time.

white-rock-lake_fairchild-aerial_degolyer_smu_1926Fairchild Aerial Survey photo, 1926 (DeGolyer Library, SMU)


Here’s a present day view. (Click the image below to see a huge Google Earth image.)



Sources & Notes

Top photo from the very interesting article “From Water Supply to Urban Oasis: A History of the Development of White Rock Lake Park” by Steven Butler (Legacies, Fall 2002), here.

Bottom photo, titled “White Rock Lake Aerial Overview (Unlabeled)” is from the DeGolyer Library, Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University; it can be accessed (and magnified greatly) here. The “labeled” version — which identifies roads and landmarks — is here. From the SMU description: “This is one of 38 photographic prints taken by Fairchild Aerial Survey, Inc. of White Rock Lake for Dr. Samuel G. Geiser, SMU.” The full set of the White Rock Lake aerial photos is here. A map here shows where the grid maps are in relation to the lake as a whole.

Thanks to “Not Bob” for linking to the Google Earth image in the comments!

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