“The Trend is Highland Parkward”– 1909-1911

by Paula Bosse

lakeside_dmn_092510Lakeside Drive, 1910 (click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Three early Hann & Kimball Highland Park real estate ads urging people to “Buy and Build Where Your Friends Are Building, In Highland Park, ‘THE Country Club District’!” (Click to see larger images.)

highland-park_second-installment_dmn_070409Dallas Morning News, July 4, 1909


“Highland Park Ultimately. Why Not Now?”

DMN, Sept. 25, 1910


“Up in Highland Park the breezes blow day and night. The cool evenings, the beautiful terraced lawns and shade trees, natural parks and lakes, all combine to make this the ideal home place in this warm climate of ours. We stake our reputation on the outcome of the property. Make your selection NOW.”

DMN, May 14, 1911

The hard-to-read “significant comparison” text from the middle of the ad above:





Is this the same view as seen in the top photo showing “Lakeside Drive Entrance to Second Section” (off Armstrong)?

Google Street View

Hope your forebears didn’t miss out! (Mine did!)


Sources & Notes

Read more about the C. U. Whiffen house featured in both the 1910 and 1911 ads here. I’m happy to report the lovely house at Crescent and Byron is still standing.

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