A Few Photo Additions to Past Posts — #6

by Paula Bosse


by Paula Bosse

Sluggish days of summer — seems like a good time for another round of updates to old posts. Most images are larger when clicked. To see the original post, click the title.


First, the postcard above shows Berkelely Avenue, Dallas, Texas. Berkeley Avenue was the original name of Armstrong Avenue, which runs through Highland Park. See more on the very early days of Armstrong at the post this has been added to: “The Rolling Hills of Highland Park — 1911.” (Source: Flickr stream, by Coltera, who suggests this might be the Berkley Avenue in Oak Cliff, but it’s definitely Highland Park.)


This photo of the Hall of Negro Life — built expressly for the Texas Centennial at Fair Park (it is no longer standing) — has been added to the post “Juneteenth at the Texas Centennial — 1936.” (Source: Portal to Texas History)



And speaking of the Centennial, I’ve added a few apple-dancer-related things to the post “Lady Godiva and the ‘Flesh Shows’ of the Texas Centennial — 1936.” (Sources: 1. DeGolyer Library, SMU; 2. newspaper ad; 3. Franklin, Indiana Evening Star)





This ad for the then-under-construction Titche’s building — “the new shopping center … dedicated to the fine art of Better Living” has been added to the post “George Dahl’s Titche-Goettinger Building.” (Source: Sunset High School’s 1929 yearbook)



Photos of vehicle-free highways fascinate me. Here’s US 67, looking east to Loop 12/Buckner Blvd., with the “two-bridge rotary” intersection in the foreground — seen seven months before it opened in July, 1951. The photo and caption have been added to the amazingly popular post “The 67-80 Split Near Mesquite — ca. 1951.” (Source: Oscar Slotboom’s Dallas-Fort Worth Freeways)




I’ve added this 1958 photo of Stanley Marcus presenting the “Fashion Oscar” to 22-year-old Yves Saint Laurent (then head of the House of Dior) to one of my favorite posts, Back at the Ranch with Yves Saint Laurent — 1958.” (Source: Stanley Marcus Papers, DeGolyer Library, SMU)



This photo of Ferris Plaza has been added to the post “Ferris Plaza Waiting Station — 1925-1950.” (Source: Park and Playground System, 1921-1923 via the Portal to Texas History)



These little ads for Whittle’s Music Co. have been added to “The Whittle Music Building — ca. 1956.”

ad-whittle-music_1922-directory1922 Dallas directory

ad-whittle-music_bryan-street-high-school_1927-yrbkBryan Street High School, 1927 yearbook

ad-whittle-music_tx-almanac-1945-46Texas Almanac, 1945-46


Not a photo, but this little bit of early baseball reporting has been added to the post “The Dallas Clippers: Early Dallas Baseball.” (Source: Dallas Herald, Aug. 26, 1884)



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