Dallas: “Outstanding Educational Center” — ca. 1943

by Paula Bosse

education_so-this-is-dallas_lone-star-annex_ca-1943_photosFive education hotspots…

by Paula Bosse

From So This Is Dallas, a publication meant to lure new residents to the city by touting key aspects of what makes it worth your while to pack your bags and relocate NOW. This is the page that focused on education.

Dallas… Outstanding Educational Center

Early in its history, Dallas set a high standard for its schools, and so well has it maintained those standards, that it stands high among cities of the nation in the educational advantages it offers to the children of its people and to those of the surrounding states.

From kindergartens for tiny tots to great universities and colleges for those seeking the higher degrees of learning, Dallas can furnish any specialized or general training that the young citizen may require.

There are 62 elementary schools, 8 senior high schools, and 4 junior high schools in the public school system of Dallas and the surrounding residential cities. Several new junior high schools are planned, and new elementary schools are organized as rapidly as they are needed.

The public schools also offer evening classes for the training of adults, and vocational training for adults or those of school age who prefer the specialized fields.

In the field of higher learning, there is Southern Methodist University, the medical and dental schools of Baylor University, Miss Hockaday’s School for Girls, and the Terrill School for Boys. Several well-rated business schools offer training in business administration, and there are dozens of recognized schools of music, art, the dance, drama, trades, and professions. Only a few miles to the west, at Arlington, is the state’s great school, the North Texas Agricultural College.


North Dallas High School:


Southern Methodist University:


Woodrow Wilson High School:


The Terrill School for Boys:


Miss Hockaday’s School for Girls:



Why not post lists of schools from the 1943 Dallas directory? First, Dallas Public Schools (White):


Dallas Public Schools (Black):


Dallas Private Schools:


Dallas Schools, Colleges, Academies, and Odd Stuff:





And a lot of business schools….


Sources & Notes

Photos and text from So This Is Dallas, published around 1943 by The Welcome Wagon, with photos by Parker-Griffith; courtesy of the Lone Star Library Annex Facebook page.

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