Expo Park, Circa 1946: Dry Goods, Rooms to Let, Sheet Metal, and Head-In Parking

by Paula Bosse

exposition-827-825_c1946_jim-wheat(Click for larger image)

by Paula Bosse

Next time you stop by the Amsterdam Bar at 831 Exposition Avenue, whip out your phone and show this photo to your drinking buddies — this is what the street looked like two doors down, just after World War II. The two-story 827 Exposition was home to Lief Dry Goods and the Lief Hotel, and the single-story 825 Exposition was divided up into McNeill’s Tin Shop and the Fair Way Cleaners & Laundry (it currently houses the Ochre House theater space). Today the neighborhood has lost much of its grittiness (and head-in parking), but the buildings are still recognizable almost 70 years later. Below, present-day 827 and 825 Exposition Avenue.




Top photo from Jim Wheat’s Dallas County Texas Archives.

Bottom two images from Google Street View.

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