No. 4 Hook and Ladder Company, Oak Lawn — 1909

by Paula Bosse

Oak Lawn Fire Station

by Paula Bosse

The photograph below appeared in The Dallas Morning News on December 5, 1909 under the headline, “Fire Station Lately Erected in the Oak Lawn District.”


“Hook & Ladder Company No. 4” (now known as the more prosaic “Station No. 11”), was designed by noted architects Hubbell & Greene. It was built at Cedar Springs Road and Reagan Street in 1909 as the first “suburban” fire station in Dallas. Still a working firehouse, the Mission Revival building is a designated historic landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.



Below, a photo and architectural plan which appeared in the 1914 “Western Architect” journal (more about this here):




Another photo of the historic firehouse, from a 1931 publication, captioned “No. 11 Engine Co., Cedar Springs & Reagan”:



Sources & Notes

Top photo found on eBay.

1909 Dallas Morning News photograph by Clogenson.

Color image of the station as it looks today from Google Street View.

Final photograph is from The Man in the Leather Helmet: A Souvenir Booklet of The Dallas Fire Department (1931), via the Portal to Texas History.

For more on the history of this historic fire station, see the page devoted to it on the Dallas Fire Rescue Department website, here. Also, see the City of Dallas Landmark Structures and Sites page here.


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